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How to Navigate Funding Challenges in Cereals Research

If you work in the public sector, your research depends on funding from outside sources who fund all kinds of research in plant breeding, agronomy and more. On the March 15 episode of Seed Speaks, we’ll host two experts who have learned a few things about how to effectively identify and access funding opportunities and how to move forward in the event that funding priorities change.

Brian Beres is an agronomy researcher at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge. He is internationally recognized as an authority who develops integrated crop management tools and solutions to sustain the economic and environmental viability of farming systems in western Canada. He recently shared the news that his winter wheat agronomy work was ending and as a result had to pivot and explore other opportunities.

Gurcharn Singh Brar is a plant science professor and wheat breeder at the University of British Columbia. His lab is focused on studying production problems of wheat and barley in Canada. He studies genetics of trait improvement with an aim to develop improved pre-breeding germplasm for wheat breeders in Canada. His lab also aims to breed soft white winter wheat for forage, malt and grain production in southern BC.

Beres and Brar will join us to discuss how funding plays a major role in their research priorities and how you can successfully deal with funding curveballs that might get thrown your way over the course of your work.