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Computomics Announces Strategic Advisory Board Chairperson

Computomics’ shareholders have announced the appointment of Randy Barker as the new strategic advisory board chairperson according to a release.

Barker has more than 25 years of experience in agribusiness fields and has worked in over 30 countries. Based out of St. Louis, Barker has worked to launch multiple ag technology companies on a global scale. He has experience with technological innovations and strategic partnerships and looks forward to collaboration and innovation continuing in the field.

“I have been impressed by Computomics’ disruptive technologies for the agricultural sector and I’m therefore excited to be given the opportunity to be the chairperson of the strategic advisory board to help Computomics realize the full potential of their innovations,” Barker said.

“Since the inception of Computomics 10 years ago, we have turned it into a globally recognized partner for seed companies and are now ready to take the next step,” said Sebastian J. Schultheiss, managing director of Computomics. “We are already actively working with Randy on that. With his comprehensive knowledge and experience in advanced agricultural technologies, Randy will help us propel to our next phase of growth.”