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Are You Getting Your Content Marketing Message Across?

What is content marketing? How does a successful marketer get their message across? Marketing content looks different for every business, brand, and product, and how to get that message across to your target audience takes different strategies.

Planning content and measuring success can be a challenge for marketers in every sector — including seed and agriculture — especially as social media and privacy regulations are constantly evolving. In content marketing, with success usually comes a few failures first in getting the message out.

On Wednesday, April 19, Seed Speaks has two panelists joining to talk about content marketing and successfully marketing your message:

Emily Negrin, vice president of corporate affairs at Inari. Negrin is Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Inari, the SEEDesign™ company leveraging A.I. and multiplex gene editing technology with plants to meet the food system needs of the future. Her broad food and agriculture experience helps Emily foster relationships with stakeholders across the value chain to bring forward sustainable solutions from Inari. Previous work includes leading global marketing and communications for Geosys and working for the agriculture division of Land O’Lakes. Emily earned her bachelor’s degree and business minor from the University of Minnesota.

Kevin Leigh Smith, senior lecturer and advisor from Purdue University. Smith is a senior lecturer and advisor in the Purdue University Department of Agricultural Sciences and Education. He teaches agricultural communication courses that focus on storytelling in its many forms. He also has been a working communication professional — in journalism and in publications editing.