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Why Do Consumers Need to Understand Sustainability? Find Out on Seed Speaks

Agriculture and the seed sector are taking great strides to improve sustainability practices, both on the farm and in their own operations, as they continue to be the best stewards possible for the land.

But even as strides are made for continuous improvement, there still seems to be a disconnect between the agriculture sector and consumers when it comes to sustainability. Questions arise like, ‘Are we doing enough? Do we need to be doing more?’ as consumers and policymakers scrutinize agriculture practices.

On June 28 at 12:00 CDT, Seed Speaks is tackling where the disconnect is between consumers and the industry and how to better bridge the gap. Joining our panel are:

Paige Oliver, global leader of seed product development operations in R&D for Corteva Agriscience. Oliver has been with the company for over 22 years in multiple roles across R&D, including discovery chemistry, formulation chemistry, integrated field science and most recently in seed product development. In her current role, Oliver and team continue to build an efficient and effective team culture that enables seed product development to develop competitive seed products for their customers. She is a passionate advocate for engaging employees and leads efforts to support food security in local communities. Oliver initiated food security efforts, supported by Corteva, during her time in China and expanded to APAC while in her regional role. Currently, she is the Indianapolis Global Headquarters Food Security Network lead and serves on the board at Midwest Food Bank, Indiana chapter.

Kirk Davison, Davison Farms. Davison is a grower in Manitoba, farming in two locations. In addition to working with his father on his family farm, he also owns 1,000 acres that he bought from his in-laws. In total, Davison farms about 5,000 acres of wheat, canola, rye, potatoes and corn. He’s passionate about sustainability and bridging the gap to help consumers understand more about what growers are doing on-farm to better their sustainability efforts.

Make sure to tune in on June 28 at: