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The Key to Building a ‘Uniquely Right For My Farm’ Forage Ration: Customization

What makes your Midwest cattle farm unique? The short answer: everything. 

Whether you raise dairy or beef cattle, have 50 head or 5000, operate on a restricted land-base or have plenty of fertile acres; whether you’re looking to grow or moving towards transition; whether the particular growing season is extra long or dry or hot, there is no one-sized-fits-all forage ration that will suit your unique needs and priorities. Optimum performance — getting the most from every acre of your farm — depends on building a customized solution. 

Legacy Seeds delivers. 

Legacy Seeds’ forage portfolio revolves around three key forage categories: Legacy Seeds alfalfa, Ration Choice¬® corn and TriCal¬® Superior Forage. When mixed into unique ration combinations, these three categories provide complete nutritional solutions, optimize productivity and enhance flexibility in both production and feeding. Within each category, Legacy offers a wide range of specific products to best suit varying growing conditions, management preferences and feeding priorities.

Many farmers who hear Legacy Seeds’ name immediately think of alfalfa, and not surprisingly. Legacy Seeds is a longtime, trusted name in alfalfa; one of just a couple companies that still run active alfalfa breeding programs in America. Currently, Legacy Seeds offers 10 high-performance alfalfa lines, each specifically bred at Legacy Seeds’ Research and Learning Center to suit dairy and beef’s unique nutritional needs.


To choose the right products for the Ration Choice corn line-up, Legacy  Seeds starts with a wide selection of the best No. 2 yellow corn varieties in the marketplace, then narrows that list to those products that ideally suit varying forage ration needs.

“While we’re not in discovery of corn germplasm, we do have access to just about anything there is that’s available. We evaluate not only for yield, but we also have a proprietary testing program to separate products that do belong and products that don’t belong in a dairy or beef silage ration,” says Bret McCorkle, Legacy Seeds’ brand president.

“We run through the corn products with a fine-tooth comb so, at the end of the day, when the farmer buys seed, he can rest assured that this product is going to have a great place for his operation,” says Mike Sankey, research agronomist at Legacy Seeds. 

The third component in Legacy Seeds’ comprehensive forage solution is TriCal¬® Superior Forage triticale. Triticale offers high yield and enhanced options. 

“There’s a lot of flexibility with triticale. It provides good nutrition, excellent yield and a lot of flexibility in where it can go and what [growers] can do with it,” says McCorkle. 

While the three components are each independently strong, it’s when they’re used in combination that they excel. Legacy Seeds’ sales team is specially trained to work with nutritionists and individual farmers to build ‘just right’ forage rations for each unique operation. 

“If we can get someone from having to buy ingredients to growing those ingredients on their own and helping that farm be more profitable, that’s a win,” says Sankey. “We want to help farmers do better. That’s what we wake up every day trying to do: help people do better. So reach out, we’re excited to help.”

Building knowledge; sharing expertise: that’s the Legacy Seeds difference.