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Herbicide-tolerant Soybeans Approved by Brazil 

China biotech company, Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co Ltd, has announced that it has successfully gained Brazil’s approval for the planting of a genetically-modified, herbicide-tolerant soybean, according to a news release published on Reuters.

The soybean, transformation event DBN9004, passed the safety evaluation review. It has now officially been approved for licensing for planting. 

“This genetically-modified soybean can tolerate both glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium herbicides, helping to solve the problem of weed control in South American soybean production,” the company said, according to the release. 

This is Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co Ltd’s first soybean product to be approved for cultivation in Brazil. The company said it hopes the approval will help its expansion into Brazil. The approval is not the company’s first foray into South America. The unit’s genetically-modified insect-resistant soybean products were successfully approved for licensing in Argentina in 2022.