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INCOTEC Adds New Board Member

INCOTEC has appointed Erika den Daas as a member of its board of directors. She will be responsible for the marketing and sales activities of all INCOTEC Group locations worldwide. This appointment is part of the alignment of the global activities and organization.
“With the growth and development of the INCOTEC Group over the last few years it was important to expand the board of directors with this new position,” says Douwe Zijp, INCOTEC Group CEO. “We are all delighted to welcome Erika onto the board where her strong leadership qualities and experience will benefit the whole international organization.”
Den Daas previously held various top management sales and marketing posts as well as board positions within other international organizations in the agricultural sector. She joined the company in 2012 as general manager of INCOTEC Europe, vegetables and ornamentals.

“I am excited to take up these new global responsibilities, shaping INCOTEC’s innovative strengths and expertise through the alignment of the global marketing and sales activities to build a more market driven team,” says den Daas, INCOTEC Group director marketing and sales.