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Key Technology Introduces New Corn Sorter

Key Technology has expanded its Veo family of seed corn ear sorters with the introduction of the new Veo DS. Featuring top- and bottom-mounted sensors, Veo DS offers double-sided inspection, providing the highest detection capabilities to identify and remove seed corn ears with remaining husk as well as defects and foreign material from the product stream.
By automating inspection, Veo sorters maximize product quality and improve process efficiency while reducing husk room labor by 75 percent or more. The complete family of Veo sorters inspects from 1,500 to 4,500 ears of corn per minute, achieving up to 98 percent sorting efficiency with gentle handling that prevents kernel loss.
Veo sorters can be controlled individually or networked to enable multiple sorters to be managed at the same time, including remotely. Veo’s real-time and on-demand diagnostics minimize costly downtime and alert the operator about conditions that could compromise inspection performance.