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Help the FBI Thwart Economic Espionage

In recent years, the U.S. seed industry has become a target for individuals and/or organizations and governments looking to fast track progress or market share as it relates to agriculture. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) says you can help thwart economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.
The FBI asks that if you or someone within your company can answer the following questions, to please contact the local FBI strategic partnership coordinator or local FBI field office.

What information and technology related to the agricultural and biotechnology industries are foreign competitors targeting from U.S. businesses, academic and research entities?

What are technology gaps of foreign competitors? Are they lacking research and development, manufacturing, production or operational capability?

How do U.S. agricultural companies collaborate with U.S. academic and government research entities? What agricultural research at U.S. companies and academic institutes is supported by federal grants? What agricultural research at U.S. academic and government entities is considered proprietary?

How do foreign competitors keep tabs on U.S. research activity and science experts at U.S. companies and academic institutes?

Which foreign competitors do U.S. companies find most aggressive in pursuing U.S. agricultural information and technology? What kind of compromise and penetration activities related to theft of sensitive research and commercial business information have U.S. companies experience during the past years?

A list of FBI field offices are available at