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Alta Seeds Releases New Sorghum Hybrids, Pearl Millet

Alta Seeds adds two new grain sorghum hybrids and debuts a hybrid pearl millet for the 2015 planting season.
AG1101 is an early maturity bronze-colored grain sorghum that is broadly adapted for use across the High Plains and Midwest. According to Alta Seeds, this hybrid has strong drought tolerance, excellent uniformity and good threshability.
AG1301 performs in dryland conditions and responds favorably to irrigation. A cream-colored grain sorghum with a medium to early maturity, it is widely adapted from South Dakota to the Texas Panhandle and east to the Carolinas.
Additionally, Wonderleaf is a warm season pasture or hay. This hybrid pearl millet grows quickly and provides high yield potential. It can be grown in most parts of the country and has a high level of tolerance to many pathogens and high humidity.
“AG1101 is now our earliest maturing grain sorghum hybrid and works well for short-season or double-cropping situations,”  says Barry Lubbers, Alta Seeds director of sales. “AG1301 provides growers with consistent performance across a wide variety of environments and the versatility to perform with or without irrigation.”
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