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Grassland Oregon Adds New Clovers to SucraSEED

Grassland Oregon improves its SucraSEED line of high sugar forage and wildlife mixes for the upcoming season. To increase the protein level in SucraSEED, two new clovers — Frosty Berseem and FIXatioN Balansa — will be added to the lineup. Grassland Oregon reports that it has spent the past decade developing these groundbreaking clovers.
The SucraSEED product line features ryegrasses with elevated sugar levels, which increase efficiency of the digestive system of animals.
According to the company, FIXatioN and Frosty represent tremendous improvements over previous annual clovers.
“These clovers are high in crude protein and highly digestible,” says Jerry Hall, president of Grassland Oregon. “By including them in the SucraSEED mixes we are allowing farmers, ranchers and wildlife enthusiasts to take further advantage of the high sugar grasses that this product line is based on.
“Improving the overall protein levels provides the microbes in the rumen, highly energized by the high sugar grasses, to break down more plant protein even more efficiently. The result is increased milk and meat gains, while reducing nitrogen and other waste which is otherwise released back into the environment.”
The grasses in SucraSEED also provide growers a pollinator benefit. “There are over 400 million acres of pasture in the United States, and by including the longer flowering annual clovers in our nation’s pastures, we can greatly enhance the pollinator environment,” Hall says.