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Blue Mountain Seeds Purchases Plant from Barenbrug

Photo courtesy Google Maps

Oregon’s Blue Mountain Seeds announces it has purchased a seed cleaning facility from Barenbrug USA that was damaged earlier this year in a fire.
“We needed room to expand,” says Bill Merrigan, manager. “We were right at capacity, both cleaning capacity and storage, and we were out of land to build on. We viewed this as a good opportunity. If growers choose to increase grass seed acres in Union County, we’ll have the facilities to handle it.”
Blue Mountain plans to clean fine-leaf fescue seed and bluegrass seed at the plant after some reconstruction, and use the facility’s warehouse for seed storage.
The plant is located about two miles south of Imbler. The purchase includes the plant’s four-acre lot and five acres of land adjacent to it – acreage that connects an existing Blue Mountain seed cleaning facility and the former Barenbrug plant.