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Advanta Seeds Enters the Brazilian Soybean Market

Advanta Seeds enters the soybean market in Brazil. The company, which runs its American operations out of Texas, is offering two varieties of soybean seeds to the Brazilian market: ADV 4317 IPRO and ADV 4341 IPRO, both under the brand name Vereda.

The soybean products were developed in partnership with Don Mario’s genetic material and INTACTA technology. According to Edison Kopacheski, CEO of Advanta Seeds Brazil, “The germplasm is in early maturity and well adapted to the region of Cerrado, and it was developed specifically for that area. We are very excited about launching soybean products and we know our customers will be as well.”

With the Vereda line, Advanta Seeds says it will contribute to the main export market of Brazil. According to data from the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), in June 2015, soybean is 49.1 percent of Brazilian exported crops.