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Elk Mound Seed Expands Product Selection with Wildflowers Seeds and Mixes

Wisconsin’s Elk Mound Seed will start to offer a large lineup of wildflowers species and specific wildflower mixes to accompany the increased demand locally and nationally. From Black-Eyed Susan, one of the most recognizable wildflower species, to specific wildflower mixes for birds, butterflies and bees, the extensive wildflower selection will allow growers to produce the native scenery and habitats that they desire.
“We get a lot of customers coming into our store with CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) and NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) mixes that involve wildflower species that we have had to special order,” said Elk Mound’s Chad Zutter. “With the push by the NRCS for pollinator species, and more recently Monarch Butterfly species, we wanted to provide our customers with the most demanded species for our region.”
To view the wildflower species and mixes that Elk Mound Seed will offer for the 2016 planting season visit their newly launched website
“With current low commodity prices, we may see more acres move back into these government programs,” said Mike Zutter, owner of Elk Mound Seed. “Our strategy is the be able to provide these new acres with the selection needed at a competitive price.”