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Percival Scientific: Designing Walk-in Chambers to Last 50 Years

Walk-in research chambers, also commonly referred to as environmental growth chambers, are used among a variety of industries and research applications, including plant growth research.
Percival Scientific, Inc. has built upon a 65-year history to establish a leadership position in the design and manufacturing of walk-in chambers for the plant growth industry. In a 2015 national study conducted by Percival, lab managers and research scientists listed their top five needs for a walk-in chamber: reliable, durable, easy to maintain, temperature uniformity, and customizable solutions.

Long-Lasting (50 Years to Be Exact!)

Percival chambers are designed to meet each of those demands in a large range of sizes and in multiple configurations. Sturdy 18- and 22-gauge steal interiors and exteriors combined with an environmentally friendly powder coat finish make Percival chambers durable, attractive, scratch-resistant and long-lasting. By following a good preventative maintenance program, a Percival walk-in chamber should last for decades. Some Percival walk-in chambers have been in continuous use for 50 years!

Lighting Options

Percival’s lighting options cover the largest range of choices; Fluorescent, High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide, Full Spectrum Specific Fluorescents, Spectrum Specific Fluorescents, Incandescent and LED’s.
More research applications are utilizing LED lighting options than ever before. LED lighting systems offer improved lighting performance over a larger range of temperatures and greater flexibility to control a specific wavelength of light. Percival offers several configurations of LED lighting in their walk-in chambers. A multiple channel dimming system allows control of each LED color at 10-100% of light intensity. LED modules are available in White/Red, Blue/Red, White/Far Red/Red/Blue and White/Red/Far Red.
Due to the variable nature of research, Percival takes pride in providing customers with options to customize a chamber based on specific research needs. These options include remote air cooled condensing units, dimmable lighting, humidification and dehumidification, and additive CO2.

Most Advanced Control System – IntellusUltra

Percival’s IntellusUltra C8, C9, C8T and C9T allow for four different levels of chamber control – either on-site or remotely. The C9T provides access to the cloud for data storage. With Percival chambers, the data collected and how it is collected is designed based on project need and budget.

Contact Percival Scientific for More Information

Percival Scientific walk-in chambers offer a large array of sizes, more options, long-lasting durability, and great service after the sale – all in an effort to help you create better science! Contact Percival today at Visit or call 1.800.695.2743.
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