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Ceres Expands Distribution Network to Carry Growing Seed Product Line

Ceres announced today that it has expanded its distribution network for its forage sorghum seed products. The announcement follows favorable product performance results from its new line of improved hybrids, which are used to grow hay and silage for dairy and beef cattle.

With a larger network, Ceres plans to make its latest generation of products more widely available this season following multiple seasons of pre-market testing and sales to dairies, feedlots and forage producers. Ceres recently announced that in commercial plantings and pre-commercial field evaluations, including independent university tests, its improved forage sorghum hybrids demonstrated yield and other performance advantages over existing products on the market. Higher yields per acre and improved forage quality increase the value of the crop and make it possible for dairies and feedlots to produce more milk and beef per acre.

Since April 2015, the company has more than tripled the number of distributors carrying its products, including new seed outlets in Texas and Wisconsin. Ceres’ distributors will carry its premium Blade brand or private label seed products. The company also markets its products directly to forage producers.

“With superior products validated by independent sources and a larger sales and distribution network, we expect to surpass last year’s sales,” said Richard Hamilton, Ceres President and CEO. By combining higher yields and quality enhancements with sorghum’s natural drought tolerance, he noted that Ceres intends to use its breeding advances and traits to increase the productivity of forage sorghum and expand sorghum production beyond its historical acreage.