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Stine Seed Founder Iowa’s Richest Resident: Forbes


Forbes magazine has released its latest list of the richest Americans in each state. Once again, Iowa’s Harry Stine — founder of Stine Seed — is listed as Iowa’s most wealthy individual.
Stine Seed Company, which Harry’s father originally founded in the 1950s as Stine Seed Farm, and its affiliates now own more than 800 patents, at least 750 of which are directly related to soybeans. Stine employs nearly 400 people in 16 states. It’s America’s largest privately-owned seed company, and the fourth largest seed company overall.
Forbes estimates that Stine’s company, which also breeds corn genetics, is worth nearly $3 billion. Harry Stine is now reportedly the wealthiest man in Iowa.
Hard to believe such big things could stem from something as small as a seed.
“My father is a genius with genetics,” says Harry’s 42-year-old son Myron, who serves as vice president of sales and marketing for Stine Seed Company. “He thoroughly loves to improve genetics, specifically with regard to yield and performance of field corn and soybeans.”