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Incotec Introduces New Film Coat for Soybean

Incotec is introducing a new film coat for soybeans in their Disco film coat range: Disco AG Clear L-650. The new film coat is designed to deal effectively with problems commonly met during the process of film coating soy beans.
Seed film coating is a method of applying plant protection products and additives. Applying the products directly to the seed has significantly less impact on the environment compared to traditional foliar or soil application.
With the new Disco AG L-650, Incotec has addressed the issues that soybean processing normally encounters, including dust management and seeds clumping together. It is engineered to increase efficiency and speed of processing and planting.
“This is a next generation Disco: its unique nature gives a more stable media which enhances its suitability as carrier of active ingredients and potentially biologicals. The coating is also fast drying: speeding up the entire process,” says Rob Pronk, Incotec’s Global Product Portfolio Manager. “This results ultimately in higher revenue for the grower. Further improvements include minimizing the problem of seeds sticking together, reduced dust-off, and allowing seeds to flow easily through equipment”.
The Disco AG Clear L-650 Soybean is presently available in North America.