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Hazera Expands Business in Spain

Hazera has been making further inroads into the Spanish vegetable seed market through its local subsidiary located in the region of Almería. It is currently in the midst of launching a whole range of varieties that were specially cultivated for the Spanish market.
According to Hazera’s commercial director for Southern Europe and Israel, Zion Barel, the Spanish vegetable market is one of the largest in the world, with an annual turnover of 250 million euros. Ninety percent of its produce is marketed overseas. The Spanish market is one of the most profitable for seed companies that invest heavily in order to retain their market shares. The Spanish market is considered a world leader, since it supplies most of Europe’s fresh produce. This leading position is due to its accessibility and its unique climate, which facilitates cultivation during seasons that are problematic for the rest of Europe.
Hazera introduces new tomato varieties which are now joining the wide-ranging selection of Hazera varieties in Spain: Marchante, based on the high quality Canario strain with its large firm fruit and extra-long shelf life suitable for the Spanish growers, Nicolate, a Roma winter tomato with the highest yields of all its competitors, Corrador, a very high quality beef tomato and Abascal, a cluster tomato.
Hazera is also expanding its pepper offerings with new varieties, such as Ochoymedio, a red blocky pepper with perfect coloring and shape, and Clavero, which is extremely well suited for hot climate cultivation.
Hazera has also embarked upon a new product segment in Spain — Dutch cucumbers, a segment that has been studied extensively over recent years, with cultivation of several dedicated cucumber varieties over the past five years, including Batallon and Sacratif.
In addition to extending its operations and increasing its sales staff, Hazera has begun to market crucifers such as cauliflower and radish, that until recently were distributed by Hazera’s sister company Vilmorin. The company is also in the midst of a unique long day onion cultivation program, and is taking measures to regroup all its assets under a single roof — Hazera España.
Hazera’s investment in cultivation in Spain during recent years was very fruitful, Hazera is now well established in Spain, and more fruits of this investment will be seen in the coming years. Hazera continues to invest in breeding varieties with the key objective of positioning it among the leading seed companies.