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New Alliance Aims to Broaden Marketing and Distribution of Restore

AgRevival, CarbonWorks and Max Systems jointly announce a new strategic alliance to expand the marketing and distribution of Restore, a liquid carbon product that has been energized into a highly oxygenated solution, throughout the Midwest.

George Sims, owner of Carbon Works in Arcadia, Florida, is a 30-year grower and started his carbon-based agricultural products company 11 years ago.

“Restore should be applied in furrow at planting with water to achieve maximum benefits and can be applied as side dress and foliar,” Sims explains. “Restore significantly enhances seed germination and root development which maximizes water and nutrient uptake to increase sugar production.

“Enhanced seed germination creates a higher plant population from the same amount of seed and results in increased yield per acre. Restore reduces soil and water salts and is a safe and natural product that complements current agronomy programs in a cost effective manner.”

Nate Firle who has been representing Carbon Works novel carbon based technology products for six years on corn and soybeans in the upper Midwest says Restore says: “One of the most incredibly consistent accomplishments that the Restore product from Carbon Works has demonstrated has been the ability to enhance germination of seed.”

Firle is also the owner of Minnesota-based AgRevival. “I have personally been involved with five consecutive years of positive ROI on replicated plot and on-farm trials when incorporating Restore in furrow with corn and soybeans,” he adds.

Chris Schlegel, co-owner of Max Systems, LLC, in Lake Lillian, Minnesota, is another individual who sees the benefits of Restore.

“We are very excited to join with CarbonWorks and AgRevival in this joint venture to expand the sales and distribution of the Restore product here in the Midwest,” says Schlegal, who brings a lifetime of farming experience, sales and marketing expertise and an outstanding distribution network to deliver Restore to a multi-state customer base. “We did our homework — the Restore product has a proven track record on corn and soybeans here in the Midwest for over 6 years with a positive ROI every year.

“That speaks volumes to us. Likewise, we used Restore on every acre of our farm here in Minnesota this year, and the germination rate and emergence of our crops was truly incredible.”