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Australian Cotton Seed Developer Invests in Site Redevelopment

Earlier this week, Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) announces a $41 million redevelopment of it’s “Shenstone” cotton seed processing plant and laboratory in New South Whales, Australia.

Founded 49 years ago as a member-based organization, CSD’s long term partnership with CSIRO delivers cotton cultivars that yield three times the world average, according to the company.

CSD’s cotton planting seed processing plant is based near the rural town of Wee Waa in NSW and moved its operations to the existing site some 33 years ago. The foresight and investment in the early 1980s allowed CSD to meet the volatile demands of the dynamic and expanding modern cotton industry through to the current day.

In 2014, CSD’s board and management developed a 2020 strategic plan for the company, taking into account CSD’s long-term agreements and partnerships as well as the exacting processing requirements of the modern cotton cultivars. Through this process, it was identified that the existing cotton seed processing plant might not meet the future needs of the industry.

“While the existing processing plant has been able to meet the needs of the industry, we need to be able to support the Australian cotton industry for at least the next 30 years,” says James Kahl, CSD chairman. “We looked at various options for building a new plant, including relocating to a greenfield site; however, our preferred option is to redevelop our current site.

During the past two years, CSD’s site redevelopment team has worked to develop plans for a world class processing plant, new laboratory and office complex which will ensure the company is positioned to meet the demands of a progressive cotton industry for the future.

“With the approval of the $41 million development application, our team is now finalizing the design of the plant and equipment to install in the new facilities,” adds Peter Graham, CSD managing director. “This will require substantial further investment by CSD over the next 18 months.”

The new plant is scheduled to being construction in January 2017 and will be fully operational for the 2018 processing season.