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The Politics of Bill C-18

The new Bill C-18 has been passed by the government of Canada and while it won’t come into effect until later this year it’s already making waves. This bill will impact how Canadians are able to access news online, specifically on social media. The bill will require tech companies, including Meta and Google, to compensate media organizations in order to display Canadian news on their platforms.

The bill directly impacts citizens and news organizations. Bill C-18 was passed in June of 2023 but doesn’t come into effect until Dec. 23, 2023. While some of the details about it are still unknown, there’s hope the Canadian government will be able to make a deal with tech companies. However, Meta has already started blocking news links for Canadians.

On August 23rd at 12:00 CDT, Seed World Group staff will sit down for a special Seed Speaks to discuss more about the politics and details of the Bill C-18 including the impacts it could have internationally. Joining us are:

Ashley Robinson, editor of Alberta Seed Guide. Robinson was raised on a mixed cattle and grain farm in southwestern Manitoba. She attended the University of Regina where she studied journalism. Following university, she has spent the better part of the past decade writing about agriculture in publications across Canada and internationally. Robinson’s agriculture writing has covered topics from rural issues to commodity markets. Since joining Seed World Group her work has focused on covering agriculture in Alberta focusing on how the seed industry connects to farmer’s daily lives.

Rebecca Carmeli-Peslak, digital media producer of Seed World Group. Carmeli-Peslak grew up on a small hobby farm in central New Jersey. She attended Purdue University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communication. After her graduation from Purdue, Carmeli-Peslak’s career focused on social media and digital marketing. Her passion for writing and agriculture led her to Seed World Group where she now serves as the digital media producer, where she takes an active role in writing, digital marketing and social media.