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Social Media Lends to Brand Development

Digital Media Producer,
Seed World Group

Following her graduation from Belmont University in Nashville, TN, Ally joined the Seed World Group team in 2022. Majoring in Corporate Communication, she has gained extensive digital media experience through personal ventures, college courses and various internships. Focused on fine tuning the company’s digital fingerprint through all media properties, Ally looks forwards to expanding her knowledge of the seed industry with her role at Seed World Group.

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Creating a brand that aligns with a company’s goals and values takes an investment of time, effort and money. While that process is demanding enough on its own, facing today’s digital age requires that next step: social media content creation and engagement. In order to continue to see growth, companies must focus on their social media presence. 

What constitutes as a social media presence? Naturally, having an existing company profile is the first step. Then your persona is further enhanced with the creation of content, followed by the interactions with “followers,” or potential customers.

The successful management of social media accounts is a large undertaking. To make that transition a little smoother, here are three tips to keep in mind when utilizing social media to build your brand:

Content Quality, Not Quantity

While having an excess of content is not necessarily a negative thing, it is important to focus on the quality of the content being shared and not just the quantity. Choose a voice for your brand and stick with it for each post.

Are you posting five times a day with no follower interaction? Try investing a few more minutes into creating three quality posts!

Engagement Builds Community

Likes, comments and shares are a great way to measure the reach you are receiving from your social media efforts, but they are not the only essential metrics to analyze. It is just as important to engage with your audience as it is for them to engage with you.

Take five minutes out of each day to scroll through your feed and like and comment. If you want to take your efforts a step further, switch gears and center your attention on seeking out accounts that fall under your target audience and engage with them. Not only are you bringing potential customers to your page, you are also building a relationship with that account by showing interest in their content.

Consistency is Key

Above all, following a consistent posting schedule across your social media channels will allow you to receive the full benefits of social media. 

People love consistency. If you are sharing posts few and far between, users will not be enticed to visit your page. They can’t count on you for consistent content and will look elsewhere for their daily dose. 

Social media may seem frivolous when brainstorming how to strengthen your brand, but creating that digital presence could be the difference between making a long-lasting connection with a potential customer or getting lost in the ever growing digital media space.