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Seed World – December 2011 Issue

December Issue

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The first issue of Seed World was published in 1915. Read on for a timeline of interesting news and events that were printed in the magazine throughout its long history. Download Now.

Patent Reform in the United States…
U.S. patent law has not experienced comprehensive changes in the past 60 years. However, the world of U.S. patents changed as we know it on September 16, 2011, when President Barack Obama signed into law the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act. The AIA puts in motion a set of comprehensive revisions to the U.S. patent laws that are purported to bring the U.S. patent laws more in line with the patent offices of the rest of the world… Read More.


Giant Views of the Industry
The face of the seed industry is evolving.
Not only are farmers and their needs changing, but the increased use of new technologies is changing the business landscape of the seed industry. Six experts from this year’s Giant Views of the Industry discuss seed’s role in the face of these changes and how to navigate the waters during uncertain times….

Giant Highlights
With seed poised to meet the food shortage challenge, many of the experts in this year’s Giant Views of the Industry had interesting stories to tell about staying competitive and capitalizing on opportunity. Enjoy some of the highlights of their news and insights

GIANT Numbers
70 – Approximate number of INCOTEC employees in the research and development group