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All-America Selections Announces More Winners

During its annual meeting, held in conjunction with the American Seed Trade Association’s Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference in Tampa, Florida, All-America Selections unveiled more 2015 AAS Winners.
Many of the Winners announced for 2015 are the first in a class to be granted an AAS award, such as Brussels Sprouts, garlic chives, oregano and pak choi, says Diane Blazek, All-America Selections executive director.
Additions announced to the 2015 Winners are:

  • Basil Persian (Regional Winner — Heartland, Mountain/Southwest and West/Northwest)
  • Beet Avalanche (National Winner)
  • Broccoli Artwork F1 (National Winner)
  • Chives, Garlic Geisha (National Winner)
  • Dianthus Jolt Pink F1 (National Winner)
  • Oregano Cleopatra (Regional Winner — Northeast and West/Northwest)
  • Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour F1 (National Winner)

The new additions bring the total number of introductions for the 2015 gardening year to 25 — a 75-year high.
“This is great news for growers, retailers and consumers because now, with such an assortment of plant classes, an entire garden can be designed using AAS winning varieties that have proven, superior garden performance,” Blazek says.
These varieties are available for immediate sale. According to Blazek, brokers and growers can purchase these varieties from their respective breeders. Consumers will find these Winners for sale in the coming months as supply becomes available throughout the distribution chain.