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HGSA Focuses on Urban Gardens and Pollinators

Held in conjunction with the American Seed Trade Association’s 2015 Vegetable & Flower Seed Conference in Tampa, Florida, the Home Garden Seed Association hosted a reception and meeting of its members Jan. 26.
The Home Garden Seed Association is comprised of about 75 members whose primary focus in garden seed packets.
A highlight of the meeting, according to Patty Buskirk of Seeds By Design and association vice president/treasurer, was a presentation made by the American Seed Trade Association’s Andy LaVigne, president and CEO. LaVigne shared information about the association’s efforts with the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food and their work on the National Pollinator Health Strategy.
There’s a lot of opportunity right now, says Buskirk, noting that the association will be focused on urban gardening and pollinators moving forward.
Buskirk says that during the past year, the Home Garden Seed Association gave more than 25,000 packets of seed to charity, primarily school gardens. In doing so, the association worked closely with the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.
Home Garden Seed Association board members include: Renee Shepherd of Renee’s Garden as president; Buskirk; John Walhert of Wild West Seeds as secretary; Brian Markham of Hammer Packaging as a director; Chelsey Fields of W. A. Burpee as a director; Mike Lizotte of American Meadows as a director; Chris Faull of Syngenta Seed as a director; and Charlie Hart of Chas. Hart Seed as past president.
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