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Taylor Products Releases TRD 2000

The Kansas-based Taylor Products releases the latest in seed box handling technology — the TRD 2000, which is designed to automatically take a stack of three nested boxes from the infeed side and prepare them for filling.
The unique end of the arm tooling clamp picks up the top nested box from the stack and removes the lid, inverts the center box section and sets the lid back down on the assembled box. The box is now automatically indexed to the fill station.
The TRD 2000 can be incorporated into existing automated fill lines or the cycle can be reversed for use in seed box washing systems.
Features include:

  • Servo motor driven repeatability and accuracy.
  • Rapid cycle times of up to 120 cycles per hour.
  • Smooth and efficient range of motion without hydraulic lines to service.
  • Adaptable to 90-degree or 180-degree layouts.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-882-9567.