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RNAMiner Cuts Time to Analyze Genomic Data

Jianlin Cheng, Jilong Li and Jie Hou recently developed RNAMiner, a website making it easier for scientists to analyze genomic data.

Analysis of genomic sequences that once took days or months now can be performed in a matter of hours. Yet, for most genetic scientists, the lack of access to computer servers and programs capable of quickly handling vast amounts of data can hinder genetic advancements. Now, a group of scientists at the University of Missouri has introduced a game changer in the world of biological research.
The online, free service, RNAMiner, has been developed to handle large data sets which could lead to faster results in the study of plant and animal genomics.
“This work actually started mainly because of the demand of MU scientists,” says Jianlin Cheng, an associate professor of computer science in the MU College of Engineering.
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