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EPA Cancels Registration of Products Containing Sulfoxaflor

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cancels registration of products containing the insecticide sulfoxaflor, after the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled back in September that the EPA did not have sufficient data when it first approved sulfoxaflor.
Sulfoxaflor is the active ingredient found in Dow AgroSciences products Transform WG and Closer. It is a sulfoximine-class insecticide, not a neonicotinoid.
“As a result of the extensive data currently available on sulfoxaflor, Dow AgroSciences expects the pollinator protection concerns expressed in a recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision to be readily and thoroughly addressed by EPA through further review of scientific data, supporting pressing grower needs for protection against destructive crop pests with renewed U.S. registrations of sulfoxaflor-containing products,” Dow AgroSciences says in a statement.
“Four full years of widespread U.S. product use – with additional use in Canada, Australia and other nations – have demonstrated excellent sulfoxaflor performance worldwide with no noted adverse effects on pollinators.”
Registrations outside the U.S. of sulfoxaflor-containing products should not be impacted by this decision. U.S. tolerances for sulfoxaflor are similarly unaffected.
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