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ASTA Gives Students Exposure to the Seed Industry

Amanda De Oliveira Silva of Purdue University was one of many students at last week's ASTA CSS & Seed Expo showcasing their work.

The American Seed Trade Association gave students a great opportunity to network and showcase their work at this week’s CSS & Seed Expo in Chicago.
ASTA featured agriculture graduate student poster presentations from across North America this week in its Innovations Lounge at the annual event.
Cole Stalter of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign showcased a project he’s working on looking at the evaluation of plant health effects and tolerance of field corn to the fungicide penthiopyrad (sold by DuPont under the brand name Vertisan) when  applied post-emergence.
“I’m here for the networking experience — I’m very interested in plant breeding. There’s a lot of Ph.D and master’s degree students here who know a lot more than I do, and industry professionals I can talk to and ask questions. It’s a way for me to involve myself in the industry I’d like to work in in the future,” he said.
A group of students from Brazil studying in the United States were also present. Gustavo Hugo Ferreira de Oliveira is studying the development of a calibration to predict popcorn seed character using near infrared spectroscopy at Texas A&M University. Danilo Hottis Lyra is studying prediction of genomic breeding values of tropical maize lines for nitrogen use efficiency at Iowa State University.
Seed World From the Floor also caught up with Adriano Terras Mastrodomenico from the University of Illinois who is studying nitrogen use efficiency heritability and potential using ex-PVP germplasm.