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A Moment in Time: Optimism Prevails Among Seedsman

A Moment in Time 
More than 75 wholesale field seed dealers met at the Stevens Hotel in Chicago, Ill., Jan. 12-13, 1931, for the Farm Seed Association of North America mid-winter meeting. Attendance was the largest ever recorded for a meeting of this association. A spirit of optimism prevailed among the seedsmen who were present. Practically all of them stated they were expecting an excellent business this coming spring. C.C. Massie, president of the association, was pleased with the splendid attendance and with the enthusiastic manner in which the members participated in the discussions of the various problems, which are confronting the seed industry.
Facts and Figures from this 1931 Issue
$45 million is the amount pledged to farmers in 1931 as part of President Herbert Hoover’s appropriation bill for seed and fertilizer loans.
112,097 pounds of tobacco are sold in Kentucky in December of 1930. Tobacco is the chief money crop in the state.
$21 per 100 pounds is the price of red clover.
$40 million is the estimated loss to poultry farmers as a result of the 1929 drought.
$1.25 per bushel is the price of seed corn in 1931.

Seed World, January 23, 1931. Volumne 29, Number 2
Seed World, January 23, 1931. Volumne 29, Number 2