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Celebrity Chef Impressed by New Hazera Cabbage Variety

The well-known and respected UK journalist Peter Seabrook was so impressed by the taste of the super-sweet, crisp cabbage Cabbice F1, that he decided to introduce it to celebrity chef Jamie Oliver at his Fifteen Restaurant in London, England. Jamie and his staff were amazed by the taste of the cabbage and decided to include it on their menu, according to Hazera.
Cabbice F1 is a white cabbage with a very mild and sweet taste. It has thick, crunchy leaves, which makes it ideal for shredding and eating raw in salads. The variety can be sown from late winter to early summer. In the UK, Cabbice F1 is sold by Johnsons Seeds and Mr. Fothergills.
Cabbice F1 will be presented at the UK Chelsea flower show, which takes place from May 24-28, 2016.  During the show, Oliver will be cooking with Cabbice F1 and giving out free samples of his dishes. This is in conjunction with a school project where children learn how to grow vegetables from seeds.