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20/20 Seed Labs Gets New Approvals for Zygosity Testing

According to 20/20 Seed Labs Inc., it has been formally approved to provide zygosity testing for licensed Monsanto events in canola and soybean. Qualified events include RT73 and MON88302 in canola; 40-3-2, A19788, and A92205 in soybean.
These new services support breeder work to develop new seed varieties and can be performed on single seed or single leaf samples.
“They complement and expand on our existing portfolio of tests for GM detection in bulk seed samples,” says Sarah Foster, 20/20 Seed Labs president. “Already available services encompass a wide range of different crop types and include general screens for GM content and event-specific detection.”
The complete suite of GM tests represents four years of work to date on in-house test validations and participation in outside proficiency monitoring. Foster explains that the depth of services allows 20/20 Seed Labs to support varietal development, registration, crop certification and end-users.
“And we aren’t done yet,” she says, noting that more crops and events await their turn to be added.
All available GM test services are performed by 20/20 Seed Labs Inc. on behalf of Lynx Diagnostics Inc., the company’s molecular services partnership with Sweden-based ScanBi Intertek. Access to some test services is restricted to IP licensees.
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