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Entostat Wins Agrow’s “Best Application Technology Innovation”

This image shows the even dispersion and adhesion of Entostat powder to Oil seed rape.

Yesterday (Sept. 21) during the Agrow Awards in London, Exosect Ltd. won the “Best Application Technology Innovation” for Entostat, a patented technology developed in support of the need for agricultural inputs to become, smarter, leaner and cleaner.
The award category applies to technologies such as adjuvants used to improve the precision or safety of pesticide application.
Entostat is a micro-powder, based on natural and/or synthetic waxes. It readily gains and holds an electrostatic charge, and therefore adheres to a range of surfaces such as seeds, insects, foliage and building fabrics. This unique property enables targeted application, the result of which, is the delivery of reduced inputs, prolonged activity of synthetic chemistry and improved delivery of biological active ingredients through proprietary formulation design.
Exosect out-licenses its intellectual property to enable others to develop a differentiated product portfolio.
“In recent years, Exosect has made giant leaps in terms of the scope of active ingredient that Entostat can deliver and the format in which it can be delivered,” says Andrew MacNaughton, Exosect CEO. “The growth of both the formulation pipeline and the intellectual property portfolio is gaining momentum, and I am happy to say that we will have further significant announcements in the coming weeks and months.”