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Canterra Launches New Canola Hybrid With Multigenic Blackleg Resistance

Winnipeg’s Canterra Seeds announces the launch of CS2100, a new GENRR canola hybrid with improved blackleg resistance. CS2100 also has been observed to have higher tolerance to pod shatter relative to 45H29, which is being further evaluated this season. CS2100 is a hybrid with full season maturity best suited to the long season zone where it yielded on average 110 per cent of 45H29 in 2014._x000D_
“As with any other product in our canola portfolio, CS2100 is high-yielding and has shown excellent standability and other agronomic characteristics farmers demand,” says David Hansen, president and CEO of Winnipeg-based seed company Canterra Seeds._x000D_
“Our strategy in this market is to only bring forward those hybrids that will provide solutions to the challenges farmers are faced with in the field.”_x000D_
CS2100 possesses multigenic resistance to blackleg that provides more durable defense, making it less prone to breakdown by new races of the disease. CS2100 has undergone years of in-field and laboratory testing. It has been found to have broad spectrum resistance to the various blackleg pathotype groups 2,3,4 and T, providing a more reliable defense against blackleg anywhere it is grown and delivers higher yields in fields with high disease pressure._x000D_
Integrated disease management strategies are critical to reducing the overall infection risk of blackleg, including the use of resistant varieties and proper crop rotations. CS2100 will make an excellent choice for farmers for whom blackleg is a major management challenge, and particularly for those growers in the long season zones, the company says._x000D_
This new hybrid will be available at Canterra Seeds shareholders businesses, independent crop input dealers and through UFA in fall 2015 for planting in 2016.