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Suck it Up: Harness Air to Make Processing a Breeze

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Rod is a farm boy from Pilot Mound, Man. He obtained his marketing and management degree from Dakota College at Bottineau in North Dakota, where he also played hockey, which taught him the importance of being a strong team member and working toward a common goal. Rod joined Nexeed in 2001.

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Harnessing air to clean and separate materials is not a new concept. Picture a grandmother sifting grains on a breezy day — that’s the age-old principle of using air for cleaning. Shaking things and letting the wind do the work.

There’s been a noticeable shift in how we perceive the air around us, though. It’s not just something we breathe; it’s a tool that we can use to literally improve seed processing. Doing so can result in a cleaner plant, healthier employees, and can help you move seed like never before.

Imagine having the ability to use air to precisely direct screenings to different bins as needed, across the yard or even to distant storage areas. It’s a game-changer, empowering plant operators to tailor their processes to ever-evolving demands.

As someone who, admittedly, once harbored skepticism towards blower systems, I’ve come to realize their transformative potential. Collaborating with experts who understand air systems sheds light on the innovative strides being made in product handling.

Advanced blower systems, equipped with pneumatic valving, offer major flexibility, streamlining operations and saving labour costs.

But harnessing air isn’t just about handling products; it’s also about managing dust effectively. Vacuum systems, akin to those in our homes, are revolutionizing cleanliness in seed plants. By eliminating manual sweeping and blowing, these systems not only reduce downtime but also ensure a healthier work environment by directing dust outside.

Let me share an encounter I had with a customer in Manitoba. They were feeling the effects of working in a dusty environment and sought a solution. Introducing a Cimbria Cyclofan made a remarkable difference, underscoring the necessity for improved dust control measures in our workplaces.

Gone are the days when dusty, cold plants were the norm. We’re awakening to the fact that such conditions are not only uncomfortable but also detrimental, particularly for sensitive equipment like colour sorters. Modern industrial facilities are now being designed with dust control as a top priority, recognizing its impact on performance and worker well-being.

The integration of blower and vacuum systems isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about progress. It’s about recognizing the importance of air quality and embracing technologies that enhance both productivity and well-being. As we continue to innovate and adapt, we pave the way for a cleaner, more efficient future in industrial settings.