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Ontario Retailer Agrees to Cease Unlawful Use of Pioneer Brand Seeds

DuPont Pioneer and Hill & Hill Farms Limited, a retailer of agricultural seed and a division of Varna Grain Ltd., have entered into a confidential settlement regarding a lawsuit for unlawful selling activity that was filed by DuPont Pioneer._x000D_
As part of the settlement, Hill & Hill acknowledges that it engaged in unlawfully selling DuPont Pioneer’s protected wheat variety under the Canadian Plant Breeders’ Rights Act. In particular, Hill & Hill was found to have been propagating, marketing, selling and passing-off Pioneer variety 25R40 wheat seed as its own. Hill & Hill admitted to falsely identifying the seed under another variety name, in breach of DuPont Pioneer’s plant breeders rights._x000D_
As a leading developer of wheat varieties, DuPont Pioneer makes significant investments to continuously improve its seeds so that Canadian farmers can increase the size and quality of their crops and operate more productively. To support this effort, DuPont Pioneer acts to defend its intellectual property rights across its product portfolio. It also actively protects its investments to ensure the integrity of its products and maintain fairness in the marketplace._x000D_
As a result of this settlement, Hill & Hill has agreed to cease all unlawful activities regarding DuPont Pioneer technology.