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ASTA Debuts New Animated Video on Plant Breeding


Today, the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) and CropLife International officially rolled out the newest video highlighting the role of plant breeding throughout history, advances made in the 20th century and the importance plant breeding innovation, particularly gene editing, can play in the future.

According to ASTA, this animated video is the association’s unique way of sharing the story of plant breeding by exploring its history and future — from the ancient domestication of wild crops to gene editing.

Those in the seed industry are encouraged to watch the video at and share it through their social channels using the hashtag #JustGrowIt.

The video showcases how scientists’ understanding of plant breeding continues to progress, while new challenges are presented everyday. Some of these challenges include the global spread of plant diseases and pests, dwindling natural resources, climate change and skyrocketing global population and growth.

One of the key takeaways for viewers is that helping farmers keep pace with these challenges in a safe and sustainable way continues to be the goal of plant breeders.

During ASTA’s 134th Annual Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mark Herrmann first previewed the video to attendees. A part of ASTA’s Better Seed, Better Life campaign, which was started about three years ago, Herrmann thanked communications sponsor Bayer for their support in making the video possible.

“Our industry has such a great story to tell, and not a lot of people know that story,” says Bethany Shively, ASTA director of communications. “We’re trying to change that perception; we’re trying to talk about plant breeding and tying seed to quality of life … it all starts with seed.”