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New Tool in the Toolbox

A new seed treatment from Corteva Agriscience is the soybean grower’s best solution to Phytophthora.

Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture division of DowDuPont, is offering soybean growers a new tool to help mitigate a major soybean disease, Phytophthora.

Lumisena™ is a fungicide seed treatment developed to control damaging spore production and in turn minimize serious soybean yield loss. Lorne Thoen, product manager seed applied technology for Corteva Agriscience, says that Lumisena is the product growers having been looking for to deliver control of Phytophthora. It will do a much better job than the older chemistries they have been using for suppression of the disease.

“Until the registration of Lumisena in Canada in 2018 the only option for Phytophthora was to use high rates of metalaxyl,” he notes. “Lumisena is the most advanced seed-applied technology to control Phytophthora. It really is a game-changer.”

1. Thoen notes that Phytophthora is the No. 1 disease in soybeans. The disease is caused by the soilborne P. sojae oomycete pathogen and has led to major losses in Ontario soybeans since the 1950s and is beginning to emerge in Western Canada. Soybeans are susceptible to the disease at any stage of development.

2. Lumisena is based on the active ingredient oxathiapiprolin, which provides unparalleled protection for soybean seeds and young plants against Phytophthora. It works to control oomycete infestation during multiple stages of the pathogen’s life cycle, resulting in healthier plants and greater crop efficiency.

3. Lumisena is systemically taken up in the plant from the moment the seed begins to grow. Lumisena helps ensure healthy emergence and early stand establishment and ultimately help maximize yield. Oxathiapiprolin is active at every stage of the fungal life cycle. In the early stages it keeps spores from producing and has preventative activity that inhibits zoospore release and prevents zoospore germination at very low concentrations.

4. Lumisena fungicide seed treatment has a favourable environmental profile with no cross resistance to existing fungicides, providing highly effective pathogen control at extremely low use rates. In research trials, Lumisena improved plant stands by increasing the number of plants per acre versus the existing industry-standard seed treatment.

5. According to Thoen, Lumisena works to both slow the disease down and eradicate it. When the spores come toward the roots, Lumisena takes over to decrease infection and cure the infections that are present.

For more information, ask your seed supplier, call Corteva Agriscience Solutions Center Agrologists at 1-800-667-3852, or visit