Seed World

Seed of the Year — Judging Guidelines


  • How was the variety created?
  • Were any innovative technologies used?
  • Was a unique approach used in breeding or development?

Impact on the industry

  • How has the variety performed?
  • Has it saved the end-user money or enhanced profits?
  • Does it have special traits that allow it to flourish in specific locations (weather resistant, flood resistant or drought resistant)?
  • Is the product filling a void (on-farm, nationally or internationally) such as a nutrition deficiency or food shortage?

Presence throughout the value chain

  • Was the variety used to develop other cultivars?
  • Can the variety be used in multiple end-use markets?
  • Can any by-products created in using this variety be used for other products?
  • How close is the product to its end-use when it leaves the farmer’s gate? (Does the farmer have costs such as drying, cleaning, or processing before sale?)


  • How many years can this variety be expected to produce?
  • Does the variety need additional inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides to be productive?
  • How sustainable has the variety been compared with competitor’s products?


  • What market is the variety filling?
  • How is the variety marketed?
  • Are there specific aspects or properties that make it more marketable?
  • How does this variety rank compared to competitors?