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Get the Latest Seed Technology — Locally Tested

Choosing the right seed for your farm should be easy. That’s why Brevant™ offers a diverse portfolio of products designed to give you consistent results, year after year. When you plant Brevant seeds you’re getting the latest innovations from Corteva Agriscience™, combined with the assurance that they’re locally tested.

Flexible canola options

Brevant seeds has a range of canola hybrids that will make a difference to your bottom line. Their lineup is designed to provide you with more flexibility to make the right agronomic and marketing choices for your farm.

Their canola hybrids are available in commodity and production contract growing options, so you can farm the way you want with high-value contracts, the open market – or both. Brevant™ seeds for Nexera™ contracts provide an alternative market opportunity and profit for your canola, right here at home.

Brevant’s high-yielding canola hybrids also deliver industry-leading clubroot resistance and Harvest flexibility options, available in Genuity® RoundUp Ready®, Clearfield® and LibertyLink® herbicide tolerant systems.

LibertyLink Yield Results (2016-2018)

Soybean varieties for every farm

Customer-focused and technology-driven, Brevant™ seeds provides Western growers with the latest in high-performing soybeans, in a range of maturities. Their soybeans offer high-yield potential, excellent field emergence, standability, and disease resistance traits.

As an additional herbicide tolerant trait option for hard-to-kill weeds, there is the Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Yield technology available in Brevant Soybeans. Coming soon, Enlist™E3 soybeans, a new herbicide tolerant technology in soybeans.

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