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What Shopping at Ikea and Building a Seed Plant Have in Common

Vice-President, Sales,

Rod is a farm boy from Pilot Mound, Man. He obtained his marketing and management degree from Dakota College at Bottineau in North Dakota, where he also played hockey, which taught him the importance of being a strong team member and working toward a common goal. Rod joined Nexeed in 2001.

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Anyone who’s shopped at Ikea knows their products are affordable, attractive, practical, useful and simple to put together. It all comes in one box —no hassle.

I believe in the same concept for seed cleaning plants. One of the benefits of offering equipment that’s all made by one manufacturer means every component complements the others. Over the years, as I worked with clients to put together their ideal seed plant solution, they would inevitably ask me if it all came in one simple kit.

In these fast-paced days of the internet and digital everything, people want to make efficient use of their time. They want simplicity, and I’ve learned a big key to success is to make things easy by offering a simple seed plant-in-a-box solution to those who want it.

When the client desires a simple in-a-box solution, the concept has increasingly become my mantra during the sales process, from beginning to end, for a number of reasons.

It eliminates error. Offering a kit that fits together seamlessly eliminates any potential mistakes that come as a result of trying to piece together different parts from different manufacturers that may or may not fit as well as they should. There’s really no need to repeat the same mistakes someone else made in the past. It can be virtually perfect on the first go.

It brings one-stop-shop thinking to your business. A seed plant should be thought of as a single project, not as the culmination of assembling a multitude of different parts. Whether a client wants 300 tonnes-per-hour capacity so they can receive product as fast as a combine brings it into the yard, or seed processing capacity of 10-15 tonnes per hour, the seed plant-in-a-box concept offers integrated solutions for all pieces of equipment, including colour sorters.

This concept goes beyond just building the plant, but extends to the training of technicians, installation guidance, on-site training, preventative maintenance, and more.

Unlike a piece of furniture from Ikea, we can customize an order to suit very specific needs and wants, which takes the concept to a whole new level. The components we can offer are like Ikea products, and the plant-in-a-box is kind of like the little sample rooms they have at Ikea. You can buy exactly what they’ve put together to show, but usually the plants we help people to build are like the rooms people fill up with furniture — they can be very similar but owner influence always plays an integral role.