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SGS BioVision Achieves International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) Lab Accreditation

SGS BioVision has successfully completed the International Seed Testing Association’s lab accreditation to provide sampling and testing for a large variety of commercially relevant seeds and coated seeds. The ISTA accreditation was gained to support global export requirements for the seed trade. Through this accreditation, SGS BioVision’s lab in Sherwood Park, Alberta will be capable of issuing Canadian seed organizations with ISTA Orange International Certificates (OIC) or Blue International Certificates (BIC) based on the requirements of the importing country.

“This significant accreditation strengthens our commitment to supporting the Canadian seed trade industry and our clients with meeting global export requirements,” said Trevor Nysetvold, Director of Seed and Crop. “We look forward to bringing new services to our clients and collaborating with member labs in over 70 countries worldwide”. ISTA, founded in 1924, has a vision to provide uniformity in seed quality evaluation globally. SGS is proud to expand its North American ISTA footprint through two laboratories (Brookings, SD, US and Sherwood Park, AB, Canada).

SGS BioVision validated an extensive list of species, to cover the needs of the diverse cross section of crops shipped internationally, such as single species grass, legume, canola, pulse, vegetable, flower and cereal exports, but also multi crop blends. Our competencies will extend from standard bare seeds to coated seeds.

Our broad scope of accredited testing includes Purity testing, Determination of Other Seeds, Germination, Viability, Moisture Content and Seed Weight Determination. Since sampling is also a component of the generation of the certificates, SGS BioVision has also demonstrated and attained ISTA manual sampling status, with multiple staff in place.

Why SGS:

SGS BioVision, acquired by SGS Canada in 2017, has over 20 years expertise in seed testing, with 3 laboratories in western Canada. Their expertise spans purity, germination, viability, seed health, disease, molecular and trait testing. SGS has over 140 years of experience in serving the global agricultural and food market, with origins as the first grain inspection company based out of Europe. In Canada, the company offers the most comprehensive spectrum of seed, soil, grain, greenhouse and feed testing services. Following best practices shared by 2,600 offices and labs globally, SGS applies world-class standards to local Canadian testing to ensure that product complies with local and international industry standards and regulations. This applies to its facilitation of trade for agronomical inputs like seeds.

With the ISTA accreditation, global export requirements for sampling and testing, can be properly addressed with SGS in Canada and the US.”The ISTA accreditation is a great complement to the existing testing, inspection and certification services that SGS offers to the wider agricultural and food market, as it delivers competitive advantage to organizations seeking quality and security in the supply chain,” said Don Slobodzian, Vice President of Agriculture and Food at SGS Canada.

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