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A Germination Webinar: Building a Better Regulatory System

Building a Better Regulatory System
A forum on seed regulatory modernization

The Canadian seed industry is gearing up for regulatory modernization. The Seed Regulation Modernization Working Group (SRMWG) will work with the federal government to modernize the seed regulations for the 21st century. This webinar will serve as a kickoff to a series of webinars designed to keep you informed on what regulatory modernization entails and how we can use it to make our industry better for everyone.
Participants will:
  • Learn why this forum has been established
  • Learn about the process the government is following for regulatory modernization
  • Get a broad overview of our current seed regulations and who makes up the SRMWG
  • Find out the priorities outlined by SRMWG
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions about the process and where things go from here