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Bacterial Leaf Streak: Watch our Webinar on this Emerging Threat

Bacterial leaf streak has been making headlines as it becomes more prevalent one the Prairies. Bacterial leaf streak is a major disease of cereal crops around the world, and causes big reductions in yield in hard hit areas. Major losses have not been reported in Western Canada yet, but the fact that this disease is on the rise is cause for concern. This webinar is sponsored by 20/20 Seed Labs and Secan.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • A Manitoba seed grower’s experience with the disease
  • What the disease is and how it works
  • New research looking at developing a seed testing protocol improve disease management against bacterial leaf streak/spot in barley


  • Maria Constanza Fleitas, University of Saskatchewan
  • Kelly Turkington, plant pathologist, AAF Lacombe
  • Randy Kutcher, University of Saskatchewan
  • Eric McLean, J.S. Henry & Son
  • Mira Van Burck, SeCan
  • Rachael Melenka, 20/20 Seed Labs