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How Are You Staying Competitive in Soybeans?

Soybeans — consistently one of the hottest topics in U.S. agriculture, the trends, traits and treatments change yearly. What you might expect one year might not happen the next.

With the wrap up of the 2021 and the ever-approaching 2022 season, Seed World thought it was time to learn the tricks of the trade for the soybean seed industry with a new Strategy Webinar entitled: Staying Competitive in a Soybean Market.

Join us on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 12:00 CT to learn more about what different companies — Syngenta, AgReliant Genetics and Burrus Seeds — are doing to keep ahead of the game when it comes to soybeans. Three panelists will teach us:

  • What trends to look out for in soybeans
  • How to respond to new trends
  • How to stay ahead of the game in the market

Joining our webinar are:

Mike Kavanaugh, director of product development for AgReliant Genetics. He is responsible for commercial product direction, organization, management, testing activities and seed treatments for all three North America brands — AgriGold, LG Seeds and PRIDE Seeds.

Kurt Rahe, general sales manager for Burrus Seed. He leads the sales teams across the company’s geography. Prior to this, he worked for other large seed companies to amass more than 32 years of experience, including assisting with the launch of Roundup Ready Soybeans in the U.S.

Ryan Fuller, head of soybean strategic marketing for Syngenta. He has been with the organization close to 15 years and has spent most of his career focused on soybeans. He began his soybean career as a Product Placement Scientist in Central IL focusing on late-stage development and product advancement of Roundup Ready 2 Yield and Xtend soybeans for the IA, IL, IN, and Ohio regions. After multiple years in this role, he took over the NA Soybean Product Placement organization where he and team focused their efforts delivering high-yielding, broadly adapted varieties on both the Enlist E3 and XtendFlex trait platforms.

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