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Why You Should Sign up for the 2021 Corteva Agricultural Sciences Symposium

On this week’s podcast we interview Deus Mugabe, chair of the organizing committee of this year’s 2021 Corteva Agricultural Sciences Symposium, about this year’s event which takes place Nov. 19 and will highlight scientific innovations to improve current farming systems.

Sponsored by Corteva Agriscience and hosted by the University of Guelph, the Corteva Agricultural Sciences Symposium is bringing together several remarkable individuals with diverse perspectives and backgrounds to speak about current trends in plant sciences, such as handling big data, machine learning, and using cutting-edge technology for agricultural uses.

This event is open to the public. All interested persons are welcome. This event will be virtual through Zoom.

Speakers include Corteva Global Technology Adoption Lead Magan Lewis, who will talk about the development, implementation, and compliance of new technology across the globe to enhance product development and agriculture research.
Dr. Sindhuja Sankaran, associate professor at Washington State University, will present on advanced sensor technologies that detect and measure phenotypes in crops, supporting plant breeding, crop plant research, and precision agriculture applications.

Other topics include new approaches in high-throughput field phenotyping, natural and engineered nano- and micron-sized materials for plant disease management, field-based DNA/RNA-based diagnostics for pathogens, and sensing technologies including aerial multi-spectral sensing and smartphone-based artificial intelligence approaches for disease detection.

To register for free visit and follow the link.