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CSGA Learn: What the Experts Say

“Our entire sector relies on us to produce a quality product, and seed companies rely on having that strong brand. The reputation of those involved — whether the breeder, grower or producer of the seed — will make or break the reputation of that product and the company that ultimately brands it. To maintain seed quality, we rely on dependable growers who can show they care about what they do — and it all starts with seed.

“Not everybody has the skill set and the attention to detail that you need to be a good seed grower. That only comes through enhancing your skills and keeping your knowledge current — that’s where CSGA Learn fills the gap. Being able to promote your professional development through digital badges to be able to show that you’ve done that is hugely valuable to yourself and the company you ultimately grow seed for.”

—Shannon Bieman, Ontario Seed Grower

gv_bryanharvey_mar13“While universities teach the principles of genetics and plant breeding, they don’t get down to the nitty-gritty of how the Canadian seed system works, how to navigate it or be successful in it. There’s certainly a gap. A program like CSGA Learn helps close that gap. I would recommend anyone in plant breeding look at CSGA Learn because knowing the intricacies of seed production makes you so much better at your job.

“If you complete these modules successfully, you get recognized for it, and to be able to put that on your CV shows that not only are you an expert in plant breeding, but you also know a thing or two about the system that ultimately distributes what you’ve bred. That counts for a lot.”

—Bryan Harvey, Emeritus Professor and Legendary Plant Breeder, University of Saskatchewan

“The value of CSGA Learn is twofold. The first is ensuring you and your team have a solid understanding of the modern seed system. Being competent in the many aspects of our retail/seed farm system drives the success and confidence of our customers, partners and all those who work with us.

“The second value is perception. Everyone in a seed business needs to further their knowledge of the pedigreed seed system. That knowledge makes you a trusted seed partner. Education is the key to building a strong team with long-term goals.

“In my opinion, the CSGA Learn program could be the basic foundation for knowledge and entry into the seed industry.”

—Richard Stamp, Co-Founder, Stamp Seeds

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