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Do More Ag Announces New Executive Director Megz Reynolds

Megz Reynolds, a former grain farmer, has been announced as the new executive director of the Do More Agriculture Foundation (Do More Ag), the foundation says in a March 8 news release.

“Reynolds comes to the foundation with a wealth of experience, including government relations, advocacy and policy engagement in Canada and globally,” Himanshu Singh, Do More Ag co-founder, says in the release. “Reynolds has always been a strong supporter of Do More Ag and played an important role behind the scenes since its inception four years ago.”

Reynolds precedes Adelle Stewart in the role. Under Stewart, Do More Ag built partnerships with businesses, industry and organizations across Canada, the release notes. The organization plans that Reynolds will lead efforts to increase mental health awareness, continue to build community around mental health and support/expand upon the agriculture mental health educational programming offered through the foundation. She will also work closely with provincial and federal governments to develop and implement AgTalk, a 24/7, agriculture specific mental health support line for all Canadian producers and their families.

Reynolds has a diverse background, the release says. She is a previous grain farmer who was engaged in agriculture policy at a provincial and federal level through the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS). She has also consulted with companies looking to scale up or pivot, handling government communications, relations and grant applications and has been a global advocate for mental health and agriculture through The Global Farmer Network.

She has advocated for mental health in agriculture by testifying to the Agriculture Agri-Foods Standing Committee, prioritize mental health conversations with politicians across Canada and engage with producers, corporations and media at round tables, conferences, speaking engagements and on panels around the world. The release notes Reynolds has been a strong supporter of Do More Ag, promoting the foundation in interview and through her online platforms.

“I know all too well what it’s like to feel like a failure as a farmer, partner and parent after a poor crop year, to watch family members cope with farm stress and anxiety through alcohol abuse and the suffocating pressure that comes from trying to keep everything inside instead of reaching for help,” Reynolds says in the release. “While the needle has moved, we still have a long way to go in ending the stigma surrounding mental health in agriculture and in creating the required resources and support networks. I look forward to working with you all to share, support, learn, listen, ask and grow.”