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CSGA is Meeting Demand for More Training Options for Seed Growers and Seed Business Employees

To succeed in the seed sector, passion and an eye for details are a must. You need to understand seed production, its standards and best management practices.

Ag programs cover crop production extensively, but rarely provide specific seed production training. Family seed farms provide the next generation of growers with mentors to show them the ropes, but not everyone has this option. To protect and strengthen Certified seed’s reputation for quality and purity, everyone must understand and adhere to the standards and best practices to move forward together.

This spring, seed growers and businesses can further their seed skills using CSGA Learn, which provides equal access to training across the country. The voluntary program helps everyone in seed production understand what goes into the blue tag and ensures the seed sector is equipped with the people, skillset and knowledge required for a next-generation seed system.

In partnership with the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council and delivering on CSGA’s strategic objective to support members with the right professional development services to facilitate their success, CSGA Learn closes the Canadian seed production learning gap.